To Attract and Attain Customers with High-Valued Products and Services

The Group most important asset and resource is its team of dedicated skilled and experienced professional with diverse sector agnostic expertise and distinguished academic and intellectual diversity foreseeing future disruption and anticipating through synergizing within the knowledge Worker Age.



Premier Trading & Consulting Company 

At the frontier of change, our team believes we are component in making the impact our global surroundings through better thinking considering the delicate system dynamics involved.



Hereby declare the PANTATEC industrial Group is serving the energy, Industrial Sector, Water& Sewage, Steel, Cement Sectors for over half a century, recognized by the Ministry of the Energy as pioneer in related fields of operation. The Group participates in the EPCF projects to the specified core sectors with over 50 employees engaged in Design, Engineering and Construction.

  • Industrial Products
  • Consulting
  • IT Solution
  • Technical & Engineering Service


Industrial Products

  • Pumps & Compressors
  • GT& Spares
  • Valve & Fitting
  • Power Transmission& Belting
  • Instruments Parts


Vendor List & Client 

PANTATEC Group has been registered in the AVL of Industrial Sector and Power Plant. Considering our succeed history in the Oil& Gas Sector . we can facilitate regarding Registration of foreign partners in these sectors.



  • Simulation of fluid Flow for inside Gas& Steam Turbines.
  • Simulation of the Flow for inside the Heller cooling towers
  • Simulation of the Flow for inside the HRSG steam boilers.
  • Simulation of Power Plant with Thermoflow.
  • FMEA Training
  • Non-Destructive Tests
  • Standards Power plant/ ASME PT6 Training
  • Standards API 616, 617 Training.
  • Simulation of the components performance for Power Plant, Petrochemical , Refinery


Pantatec Existing Active Customer Base within Energy, Power Plant and Industrial Sectors:

  • Potential Add-On and Re-Powering Projects Estimated at Around 10,000 Mega Watts with a Focus on Class F & H
  • Potential for 5000 MW of Distributed Generation, DG, Within the 25 MW Range, with a Focus on CHP, CCPP,
  • Active and Closed MRO Sales with a Focus on Spares Within the last 24 Months
  • CCPP & CHP Utility, Power Generation Plus Gas Compression Projects & Tenders inc